Model GE2 – Dual Gas and Electric Water Heater

The all new Hansen Water Heater incorporates innovative design concepts. The combination Alloy and polymer tank eliminates the need for an anode and its annual replacement, with a capacity of 19.5 litres and use a powerful FAR (Far infrared) ceramic gas burner or independent electrical element, water is heated to 70°C in 45 minutes.

• The powerful 1500 Watt gas burner and 1000watt electric element heats the water within 30 minutes
• Compact dimensions allow the water heater to be installed in the vehicle saving space
• The electronic controls and the pressure relief valve provide ultimate safety
• Thermostatically controlled shut-off and re-ignition features save valuable energy
• The closed combustion system with wall cowl is totally maintenance-free
• Hansen water heaters are suitable for pressure pumps up to 1.8 bar
• Economical gas consumption due to the high efficiency level of approx. 90%