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Motorcycle Trailer at The Trailer Connection

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Edge Lowhauler Motorcycle Trailer

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V-Nose LowHauler at The Trailer Connection

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Events Trailers just look better at The Trailer Connection

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Motorcycle Trailer

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Grizzly Cub Trailer

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Flex Trailers for every day Travel Trailers

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At the Trailer Connection we aim to give people just the right trailer to suit there needs.

We have a large range of American made Trailers for everything you want to carry. Including  travel trailers, cargo trailers, motorcycle trailers, Furniture Trailers, Go Kart trailers, Car trailers and a lot more for whatever you are looking for. We have a huge range of options and trailer packages to suit every individual. We believe that we have the best looking range of trailers for sale in New Zealand. If you want quality, a brand that is trusted and stands behind its product. Then you are at the right place. You have just found the best answer for transporting your cargo. Contact us for all our different options available and check out our website to get an idea of what trailer will suit your needs. 

metalian_trailer_logo.jpgWe Are Excited To Bring Metalian Trailers To You As A New Supplier



Metalian trailers are the perfect fit for the weekend camper, the month camping trip, tradesman and equipment.

 With Metalian trailer's they can be kitted out for the camper to go totally off the grid. Which means camping this year doesn't have to be so expensive. Why not take advantage of all the doc camping site's around New Zealand or you can go anywhere. With all the comforts of home. Metalian trailers are built tough and designed for the elements of the African desert. Where there is no camp site.So with Metalian's many options we can built the trailer to suit you. How many of you think the price of camping is way to high. And for a few extra dollars you mite as well leave the tent at home. Well Metalian have the answer. And as you can add the extras you want your trailer doesn't have to be overly expensive. And in the future you feel there are a few things you would like to add. Well we can. No more ice needed with this trailer. With its different fridge options and power to run it. All your food will be kept cool. We all know how much of a pain ice can be. And how it melts and of course tends to get everything wet. Well Metalian have the answer.

 And if you are in the trade. Why not buy a Metalian trailer for all your tool's and equipment. With enough room for all materials and tool's to get the job done. With more and more trades people going for the 4x4 Ute. We all know they aren't the best fit for working out of. But with a Metalian trailer with there easy access draw system. It makes working fast and easy. How many of you love your Ute but cant fit all your tools into it. Not any more with the Metalian trailer you will have all the room you need for even the odd tool you never use but always seem to need when you don't have it. With the optional Nosecone you even have enough room for a generator. And when you want to go away for the weekend. Park your Metalian in the garage and away you go. No more cleaning out the back to fit luggage in.


 Or what about greating your company out to the public. What a fantastic Promo trailer. Kit it out with fridges and a bbq. Why not a tv and away you go. Think of how these could work for your company. One of the biggest things to getting noticed is having very cool promo grear.

Get More with The Trailer Connection

The Trailer Connection means more trailer for your money. More features to make your hauling and travel easier. More built into a great trailer. We are a growing family owned business and we hope to find a suitable trailer for everyone.

You’re living the life: doing your favorite things in your favorite places with your favorite people. Whether you go for a cargo trailer, motorcycle trailer, car hauler, race car trailer, or specialty trailer see what our specific range of trailers can do for your lifestyle. It’s a better way to go, and a better way to get there!

 Haulmark Trailers are a recognized brand with a name that counts. They use sound construction methods that have worked for years. If you are looking for a trailer company that will be around for years to come, who will support you and stand behind there warranty then call The Trailer Connection. Haulmark have years of experience building trailers and use integrated systems to give you the best quality trailer and only use the best components. There rubber torsion suspension system provides a better ride and works independently so road impacts on one side of the trailer are not transferred to the other. This provides a significantly smoother ride for your cargo, trailer, tow vehicle and the driver. 

With The Trailer Connection and Haulmark, you get more.